Sunday, March 21, 2010

God Forgives Mistakes - Part 2

I wanted to piggy back on the entry I wrote "God Forgives Mistakes" the other day.

I wanted to hit on both angles but at the same time I didn't want to be insensitive to the outcome of the actions or the decisions that people make. No one is perfect and no one should be judged for the decisions they make. I just wanted to point out that if we go to God with all our issues, he will forgive and help us to move on, but no relationship is perfect and not every relationship will be able to withstand a cheating spouse. That is just the human nature that we have within. I understand that some women just will not be able to forgive that easily. I do know of woman that have been cheated on and chose to go on with their lives. That should never be looked upon as a bad thing.

In my entry I basically touched on two aspects. Even though they might have been on a man's point of view, I do understand the woman's side. Forgiveness is very difficult especially when you have been hurt. It is very easy to ask for forgiveness, but extremely difficult to forgive. Trust comes into play and having to trust that the hurt will never happen again is a hard thing to do. But I also wanted to touch on the fact that there are things out there that some men find it very hard stand up against it. Many men fall prey to it, and it can be in many areas, but to me there is only one way to fight it and it is God, he is the only one that can help us stand up against anything that comes in the way of living the right way and not hurting our mates.

It isn't easy and I never thought it was. I have seen the devastation and consequences first hand that has led to the end of marriages and the hurt that it caused the children. But the point I wanted to make was that, as a woman, God restores their hearts and can restore their mariages. But both parties have to want it. The man has to go to God and totally ask for forgiveness and totally change. He can not hold onto what caused him to fall in the first place, be it through hanging at a bar, hanging with single friends or even drinking. He needs to totally take it out of his life for a full recovery and only when he is strong enough can he revisit those areas. Only when he can stand up against it and not be tempted would he be ready the face the world again.

If the two are willing to work it out, then no one can come in between them and no one is allowed to judge. When the two were joined together in marriage before God, it was with the understanding that there will be hard times as well as good times. But no woman should have to put up with a cheating man that will not change. That should never be tolerated and even God will not allow it. But just like the words in the song "Love Worth Fighting For", You Lock the Door behind you, throw away the key and you work it out together. That should be the only way.

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