Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cries of "MOMMMYYYYY" from the Distance.....

It is a normal evening, having already put Christopher to sleep in his own bed, finishing up my studies for the next day of class, trying to be in bed before 1 am, knowing full well that the alarm clock will go off in approximately 6 hours. Settling into my cozy bed, closing my eyes and wishing myself off to a fast sleep so that I can feel somewhat rested when the alarm clock scares me half to death. As I am in one of my numerous dreams, I hear this cry from the distance. It is somewhat faded, but gets louder and louder very fast. I think it is still part of my dreams, until I realize that the speaker that is directly next to my ear on my side of the bed is shaking from the rumble of the cries. Low and behold, it is Christopher with his routine, "Mommyyyyyy, Mommmyyyyy", "Daddddyyyy, where is Mommmyyyyy", "Mommmmyyy". But as fast as I can get up, which to tell you the truth, isn't fast at all, Lina is already on the other side of the speaker, calming down the screams and bringing him over to our bed again. Some nights are good, he may stay there longer, but most nights, that interrupted cry in the middle of the night is expected. I love it!!!!

I say I love it, because it reminds me, and I am sure my mom, Vanessa and Joe reading this will also be reminded of the many nights of that same scream tingling their ears......"Mommmmyyyyyy", coming from my mouth, all the way on the other side of the house on Pine Street, or that "woooosh" that they felt as I ran by Vanessa's room and possibly Joe coming out of the bathroom, on one of his many trips in the middle of the night, to my mother's floor, curled up and hoping they won't notice me until the day light enters the room.

Christopher at this point, isn't able to climb out of his bed, but I am sure the "wwooosh", that Vanessa and Joe felt, zorro will be feeling as Christopher learns that it is faster to just get up and run than it is to scream your lungs out and not sure if anyone will ever come.

It is amazing our history repeats itself. My little boy, just like his daddy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The things that Kids Say...............

I wanted to share with you the wonderful words that have made there way out of Christopher's mouth and into his world of phrases, I only wish that you could be around when he actually says them, it is a delight to here it in person.

One day on our way home, Lina showed Christopher three pairs of Lightning McQueen (Disney Movie) underwears. A little history: we are potty training Christopher and he knows that he is to let us know when he has to use the potty since he no longer wears pampers and can not pee in his pants. Well, after Lina gave him the underwears to look at, he said,

"Wow mommy, I like this one, and this one, but I am going to pee on that one."