Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Christopher's Dedication

On Sunday July 16, Christopher was dedicated to God at our church, Christ Tabernacle. Pastor Rivera, who has been a great friend and mentor to me and my wife, dedicated Christopher. Family and friends, from all over the country, came to celebrate this special day with us. It was a perfect day, really HOT!!, but perfect. God truly blessed the day.

Pastor Rivera presenting the baby to the church.

Pastor Handing Christopher to his padrino Damien.

Christopher with Daddy & Mommy.

Christopher with Tia Stephanie , Mommy and Ita.

Christopher with Grandma Judy and Grandpa Joe.

Christopher with Grandma Carmen and Grandpa Eli.

Christopher with Padrino & Madrina.

Christopher with Titi Vanessa.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy 7th Month Christopher

On July 3rd, Christopher made 7 months. My Goodness, how time is flying. He is now starting to stand on his own, even though he has not mastered crawling yet, he is standing in his crib and basically wants to get out. He is so cute when he wakes up, because now he just stands up and starts yelling for us to come and get him. Well, we don't run right away to get him..... ;)