Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hello Again

It has been a while since I last wrote in my blog. So much has happened since then that i do not know where to begin. Well first of all Christopher has already turned 1. Those pictures are soon to follow. We have since moved to Florida and are about to own our very first House. God has been so faithful to us and has answered our prayers better than we could have ever imagined. I work from home now and get to see my family all day long. Now that can be distracting at times, but not when you finally have what you have been reaching for, a place to live where all your worries and stresses are no more. A place where you know your son will have a great opportunites. We are extremely happy where we are at, but we do miss home and we do miss our family and friends we left behind. But God knows we will see you all again real soon.

I will update with more pictures real soon, just wanted to check in and give a simple update for now.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Christopher in Florida

This was Christopher's first trip to Florida.

First Time on a Plane.

Christopher Loves the water.

Aahh the Easy Life!!!

Learning to Swim!!

Beautiful Sun Set.

Happy 10th Month Christopher

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More of Christopher.................

Christopher's 9th Month

On September 3rd, Christopher turned 9 months.

Just less than 3 months until Christopher's 1st Birthday. This year has flown by so fast. Christopher has grown so fast, can't believe that he will be 1 year in a few months, we thank God for that each and every day.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

That Little Boy of Mine

I am reading this book, "Bringing up Boys", by Dr. James Dobson. So far it is a great book. I came across a poem in the front of the book and wanted to share it here.

That Little Boy of Mine:

Two eyes that shine so bright,
Two lips that kiss goodnite,
Two arms that hold me tight,
That little boy of mine.

No one could ever know how much your coming has
Because I love you so, your something heaven has sent.

You're all the world to me.
You climb upon my knee.
To me you'll always be,
That little boy of mine.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Time Just Flies

15 Years ago today, I met Lina at a McDonald's. I was with my cousins Damien and Boobie and our boy Peter. Fate took me to that McDonald's that day. Never would I have imagined back then that the woman who was serving us Hamburgers and Fries would be my future wife. God has a way of doing things and his way is always the best way.

Checking Back In........

I have not written in a while. So many things going on now in our lives, that I have been side tracked for a bit. But I wanted to put some new pictures of Christopher on the site. He is growing so fast, and he is so smart. It is still hard for me to comprehend that I am a Dad. I guess when he really says "Daddy" for the first time, it will truly hit me. But these past 8 months of his life, I would never trade it for anything. He is such a great boy, yeah I know all parents say that about their children, but I am just so proud to be his dad.

Lina has been doing a great job at home with Christopher. She also took these great pictures that I had to share. God has blessed us with this great opportunity to allow Lina to stay home and raise our son. We know that in the end we will look back and be able to say that it was a great thing for Christopher and also a great experience for us.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Happy 8th Month Christopher

Time is flying. I remember last year at this time, we were very impatient waiting to see what we were going to have, boy or girl. It was nerve racking, but it was exciting at the same time. I think the thing that I worried about most was praying that Lina went full term and that we would have a healthy baby. And now 8 months after she has given birth, I can't even think what our lives would be like without Christopher. He has brought so much joy into our lives, from watching him grow(really fast) to seeing all the changes he has made. I have to admit, he sleeps like an angel, and when he wakes up, he is non-stop. This kid will keep us in shape. But it has been a great joy being a daddy. And now that he is starting to say Da Da, when and only when he sees me, it just melts my heart.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Christopher's Dedication

On Sunday July 16, Christopher was dedicated to God at our church, Christ Tabernacle. Pastor Rivera, who has been a great friend and mentor to me and my wife, dedicated Christopher. Family and friends, from all over the country, came to celebrate this special day with us. It was a perfect day, really HOT!!, but perfect. God truly blessed the day.

Pastor Rivera presenting the baby to the church.

Pastor Handing Christopher to his padrino Damien.

Christopher with Daddy & Mommy.

Christopher with Tia Stephanie , Mommy and Ita.

Christopher with Grandma Judy and Grandpa Joe.

Christopher with Grandma Carmen and Grandpa Eli.

Christopher with Padrino & Madrina.

Christopher with Titi Vanessa.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy 7th Month Christopher

On July 3rd, Christopher made 7 months. My Goodness, how time is flying. He is now starting to stand on his own, even though he has not mastered crawling yet, he is standing in his crib and basically wants to get out. He is so cute when he wakes up, because now he just stands up and starts yelling for us to come and get him. Well, we don't run right away to get him..... ;)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary

I wanted to take this time to honor my wife on this our 7th Wedding Anniversary.

I have to admit, being with Lina has made me a better person. She has stuck by me like any good woman does and also she was willing to put her career on the side to raise our son Christopher. She has been a strong Christian woman, who has had the faith for both of us when times seemed too hard to bear. She's always optomistic about our future dreams and never has she doubted that God would bless our lives together.

So today, I honor my wife for her love, and for always standing by my side. She is a great Mother, a great friend and most importantly a Great Wife. God truly Blessed me when he brought her into my life 15 years ago.

I love you Baby and Happy 7th Anniversary.

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Sunday June 18th, I celebrated my first Father's Day with Christopher and Lina. It was a surreal feeling. I always looked at this day as a way to honor my dad, my uncles, my grandfather, even my family and friends who are Dad's. But waking up yesterday to know that this day I can finally celebrate along with them, was an overwhelming feeling.

It was a good day all around. Also received nice gifts as well.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

What a Baby Face

Happy 6 Months Christopher

On June 3rd, Christopher turned 6 months. If you look at his 5 months picture and now his 6 months picture, my God, this child is growing so big so fast. He is growing into a little boy, no longer a baby. Hold on a second while we wipe our tears.........................

Trip to Rockaway Beach

On May 24th, we decided to take a trip to Rockaway Beach to have a quiet day alone just us three and celebrate my birthday. It wasn't ideal beach weather, but it was a nice day all around.

Christopher touches sand for first time.

Christopher and daddy share a thought.

Christopher and mommy smile for the camera.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy 33rd Birthday Daddy

On May 24th, I celebrated my first birthday with Christopher. It was a special day as was Lina's birthday with Christopher. Lina and I have been together 15 years (August 16) and 7 years married (June 19th). Having another person to finally share our life with, has been such a blessing. Watching this little life grow and form into a unique individual, has been an honor and we thank God for that.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Like Father, Like Son

Just the other day, I had Christopher on the bed, and he was climbing all over the place, but then he laid on his stomach, so I rolled up his shirt and started to scratch his back. Do you know that he did not move at all, he put his thumb in his mouth and stood there for atleast 5 minutes, in Heaven. I have to admit, and my family can attest to it, I would love when my grandmother would scratch my back, with my thumb in my mouth.

Lina feels I am going to spoil him, oh well, let the spoiling begin.

Check out the photo below.

Lina's First Mother's Day

On Sunday May 14, we celebrated Lina's first Mother's Day. It was a beautiful day blessed by God. Thank You Lord, for allowing Lina the opportunity to celebrate this day.

Christopher giving Mommy a Kiss.

Mommy and Christopher sharing a moment.

Mommy and Christopher.

What a Beautiful face.

Small Surprise for Lina

On Saturday May 13, my mother was kind enough to allow me to have a little surprise party for Lina that included her friends and her sister. Lina was shocked, even though she told me I better not do anything for her, I think after 15 years, she should know me better than that, especially with her reaching the BIG 30.

Me, Lina and Christopher

Her niece Naomi and her sister Alex.

Tito, Aydee and their son Xavier.(Christopher's Buddy).

Yury, Hernan & their kids Sebastian & Luna.

My Mom Judy and Stepdad Joe.