Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Future Baseball Star

Christopher loves Baseball and he says "Lets Go Mets". Yeah, Yeah I know they are bad right now, but hey I grew up when they were bad, so I will just have to teach my son the game so when he gets older, he can help them get better. Check out my little lefty taking his cuts.

Look at that Stance.

Perfect swing, HOMERUN!!!

Taking a Break after Day Care

Christopher had been having a few rough days after his first two days in Day Care. We decided to take him to the beach to just run around and let some steam out. I guess he has realized that Day Care is not just a one time thing, he has realized that Day Care is everyday and is not having it. We just felt bad for him and wanted to spend some quality time with him alone. An evening at the Beach always works wonders, especially with a beautiful sunset in the background.

Friday, October 05, 2007

The Question is Why???

I have been asked by a few readers of my Blog, WHY do you do this and when do you have the time?

I had to think about that for about a minute, yeah just a minute. You see this blog is not just about me putting my thoughts down which really is therapeutic, but it is about sharing my love to my son and my wife Lina.

Lina and I started out together 16 years ago today. We started that slow crawl to dating and getting to know eachother. Then it escalated to knowing enough about eachother and knowing that there wasn't another soul on this earth that we'd rather be with so we got married. Then it was just believing that God's plan for our lives would eventually involve becoming parents. Eight years of dating, six years of married, and WALLAY, Lina is pregnant.

So waiting all those years for a chance to be a dad, well you hold a lot of emotions that you really do not know how to express. Every feeling that you have is bottled up inside and it feels like it will make you explode. But this Blog has allowed me not only to share those feelings with those that we love and cherish in our lives, but it has given me a great memory tool, so that when Christopher grows up and is able to read, he will have a diary full of many years that chronicled his life and our lives together. He will then be able to share this with his kids and his own grandkids.

This Blog started out as a mere way to share my feelings, but it has grown to more than that. It will be my way to communicate to Christopher when we are with the Lord, how much he changed our lives when he arrived on December 3, 2005. How much the arrival of a precious gift from God made all the years of waiting and trusting in God all worth it.

Oh yeah, when do I have the time, well I think about it this way, we are all busy in our daily routines, but if I just take out an hour an evening or a few days a week to write down all that I am thinking and new things that Christopher has done, by the time he is older and on his own, this Blog will be a novel and it will be about him. What a great gift to give to your child. A Novel about his life. I write every chance I get.

So my answer to those that ask me WHY? WHY NOT!!!!

Christopher's Week in Day Care

Well today is Friday October 5, 2007. Our son Christopher has survived his first week in Day Care. I have to say it started out great, but today he fought with Lina and two blocks from the Day Care his famous word finally reappeared, "NO"!!!!. Yes that infamous two letter word has finally shown it's face again, and what did Christopher say, "NO TEACHER, NO TEACHER". He clung to Lina and would not let go. She called me to tell me that he finally had that one bad morning. But hey who could blame him. I mean, he started out great, no problems at all, he lasted a whole week, and he probably figured it all out and said to himself, "wait this is for real". But as I write this he is eating his Cheerios and getting ready for another day with his little buddies. I know that God will protect him and we know that it will take a while for him to get used to it. We are thankful for the opportunity for him to interact with other kids and to continue and enhance his learning abilities.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Christopher's Big Day

How Brave he is, walking in by his self.

Christopher was so excited to see other kids.

He's still kind of shy but opening up just in time.

Christopher is settling in.

Christopher is so amazing.