Thursday, March 04, 2010

Being a Dad to a 4 Year Old Boy

This to me is the greatest gift that God can give any man, and that is to be a parent. There is nothing like it. What is true is that a 4 year old boy looks for a lot of attention, especially when he knows that he is about to share his time with a new baby. But I love it, even though at times when I am tired and just want to rest or sleep in late, it amazes me that at just 4 years old he knows the difference between not wanting to get out of bed on the weekdays to jumping up and down on the bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings, when all I want to do is sleep til at least 8:00 am. I guess he has a different clock in his mind than the rest of us.

Now next week we are looking forward to watching Christopher play in his first Soccer game. Yes, I know baseball is my first love, but I am smart enough to know my son and know that right now he wouldn't give the attention to baseball as he would need to be good at it or even enjoy it. That time will come, but with Soccer he can go out there and run around and kick the ball and just have lots and lots of fun. All the while me and Lina will be screaming for him to kick it into the net and score a goal, as we are recording this action, the camera shaking up and down and the picture, well we won't be able to see him in the video when we get home, because of the shaking, and him looking at us confused as to saying, "what are they talking about, what is a goal". Ahh the joys of parenthood.

One of the things that I love is in the morning when I get to take him to daycare, we have a local Christian station, Way FM, which he will tell you, "Daddy, can you please put on Way FM". Once the songs start, if I lower the music just a tad, I can hear him singing the songs. Oh I love it. It just makes my day.

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