Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Ball Player with a Good Heart

I had the privilege of meeting Manny Delcarmen, relief pitcher of the Boston Redsox, this past Spring. He gave of his time to help coach a little league baseball team, with his longtime pal Felix Serrano, in Cape Coral, Fl. My God-son Steven was apart of that team and just having Manny coach the team, meant a lot to him. With Manny's help and the dedication and time spent with the kids from the great coaches, they won the Championship this year.

To have a Major Leaguer give of his time and busy schedule to give back to the youth of today was a big thing. Even getting a chance to talk to him myself was exciting since I am a big baseball fan that just loves the game. Moving down to Florida from New York, you have to deal with never ever getting so close to a player to even say hello, or getting ignored, but to have an opportunity to meet a wonderful young man with a great head on his shoulders was a great privilege. And it didn't bother me either talking to a Redsox since I am a Mets fan, not a Yankees fan.

This past Saturday, July 28, at Tropicana Field in Tampa, Fl, Manny invited the whole team with their parents to the stadium and presented the players with Redsox jackets(see photo) that had their name on the front and "Cape Coral League Champions" on the back. The kids were all excited about getting a chance to hang out with Manny a few hours before the game and then getting a chance to watch a great game afterward. Unfortunately Manny didn't get a chance to pitch, but it was great just hanging out with him before the game, it gave a different feel to going to a Major League game. Manny's wife and parents also attended the jacket ceremony and were so nice and fun to be around. It was an all around great day.

Manny is a great part of the Redsox bullpen and he will get even better with time and experience. The team has a pitcher with real good stuff and can become a mainstay in the bullpen for many years to come. How many people get to live their dream of playing for their hometown team, I think we all dream about that, but to live it, I think that is priceless.

Being a Mets fan obviously I want my team to win it all, but to meet a player like Manny, he has just won another fan on his side and I root for many successes in his life. He definitely deserves it. When you take of your time and just give back to the kids, it just makes a great impact on their lives. To talk to my God-son Steven about the game of baseball and just discuss all that it means to him, it is also priceless when you can help a young kid to make a difference in his or her life. And the many lives that Manny has touched already, they have a great chance of becoming something special.

Manny and his wife are expecting their first baby in September. I pray that God blesses this family with a healthy and happy baby boy. God Bless them.

Manny Delcarmen and Steven

Manny, Myself & Steven

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