Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A weekend with the Conde Family

My dad, step-mom, little brother and sister all came to spend the weekend with us from August 3rd to August 6. It was a great weekend of catching up and also spending a night together at Marco Island. That was an adventure in itself. We had to cross a lagoon to get to the beach, it was crazy and something you only want to experience with family.
Here are some pictures from that weekend:

Dad (Top), Carmen, Jon, Christopher & Nicole.

Tio Jon & Christopher.
Dad & Carmen.

Christopher & Grandpa.
Me & my little Brother Jon.

Christopher with Titi Nicole.


Tony G. said...

Great pictures, David.
Nice to see your Dad after so many years - He has a lovely family.

Anonymous said...

Hi David Lina & Christopher,

Thank you for sharing your site with me. It's amazing how God always keeps families together. It's beautiful to see the unity and love we all have with our family no matter the circumstance. I believe that is God's plan to keep families united. Christopher is growing up so quickly and he is so handsome. God Bless you and your family always.