Monday, July 23, 2007

An Answered Prayer

Wow, where do I begin?

Well this all started when we were in NY last year and all I wanted for Christmas was to have more time with Christopher. Up until August 2006, I had been working since he was born and only getting to see him maybe 2 hours a day, in the AM and at night and then he would go to sleep. It was killing me because I wanted to spend every minute with him. I would be jealous of Lina (not really) but I wanted that whole day with him. I wanted to watch him change and grow and start to learn new things. It wasn't like Lina wasn't doing a great job, because she was and is, but I wanted to spend every single day with God's creation, his greatest gift to a family, a baby. It was a prayer that I felt one day could be answered.

Then we moved to Florida and things started to change. My first job here allowed me to work at home and see Christopher more, but funny thing was that it was not enough. I had to be in my room on the computer working most of the day and occasionally out on the road. Most people would think that I am crazy for wanting that, but if you knew that one of my true desires in life was to be a dad, then you would understand.

Then I lost my job and found myself home all the time. It was a new thing for me, but everyday wondering what we would do next excited me. It was tough on Lina and myself because with only unemployment coming in, we didn't know what would happened.

But that is when God decided to answer another prayer. Lina found a full time job and I became the full time sitter for Christopher. I did have time to go through a training program for the county schools for a bus operator position and was a awarded a CDL license because of that. And thanks to my father-in-law, Christopher was taken care of, but it wasn't the same leaving him each day. I know that Lina struggles each day with leaving him to go to work, but in the back of my mind, I say to myself, great my turn.

I know that most people feel that if the man is not working and earning the bread, that the family won't survive, but we leave all that in God's hands and it has allowed me to spend everyday with Christopher and we both have grown and have created such a bond together.

I have met men here that are in the same situation, just wanting a better situation for their baby and just enjoying the time spent with their child. It truly is priceless.

Our situation is getting so much better, even though it wasn't ever truly that bad, because God was and is in control. We are just afforded more opportunities for growth here then we were when we first arrived and my time with Christopher each and everyday has been so special to me. Whatever decision we choose to do regarding his well being, I know it will be taken care of, because God is the leader of this vehicle and he will never let us down.

I always say be careful what you pray for, but this is one prayer that I am glad it was answered exactly as I wanted it. Thank You Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

Dear David,
A baby needs at least one parent in his life at home with him. Christopher is blessed to be able to be home with a parent. It does not matter that your wife is out working and you are home with the baby. What matters is that Christopher has you in his life with him.

Love, Mary