Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Day has Arrived!!!

I can not believe that my little boy is starting day care tomorrow morning for the first time. It seems like only yesterday he was this little baby drooling all over me (well he still drools, LOL). But I miss those days. I miss when he was younger, even though I love him so much now, with how he learns so fast. I just miss knowing that he was a baby and that time would go slow. But not anymore, time has flown by and he is this little toddler that has found that he can climb just about anything. What he doesn't realize is that when you can't hold on any longer, the crash to the floor really hurts. But he knows that once he starts crying momma and daddy will come running and put his head on our shoulders to soothe him. Yeah he has us wrapped around his cute little fingers. But he still knows who is the boss...............He is!!!!!

It will be very difficult to just leave him there, but we have been leaving him in Day Care at the nursery at church and even though he is only there 1 1/2 hours, he has done very well and has adapted. So we pray that this adjustment will be a smooth one as well. We understand if it isn't and he needs time, we will be there as we should to offer him that comfort.

Well just a quick update of our quickly growing boy. I have not updated this part in a while. But he is now a parrot. He repeats everything we say, which 99% of the time is great, just trying to stop that 1% that he hears things and repeats that he shouldn't, but it is still cute to hear him at times.

He started counting, with help, to 20 this week. He repeats the ABC's and you have to hear how he says the letters, it is so cute. He sounds as if he has a Spanish accent. He knows his whole face and almost all his body parts in English & Spanish. Man he is already advanced more than his daddy.

Just kind of sad that my boy is growing so fast, kind of want him to stay a baby, but at the same time enjoying every moment with him. Can't wait for his second birthday, gonna be a blast!!!

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Sarah Ortiz said...

I know how u feel...Josiah is growing way too fast, I feel like I cant keep up Good luck with him in daycare!