Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Christopher's Big Day

How Brave he is, walking in by his self.

Christopher was so excited to see other kids.

He's still kind of shy but opening up just in time.

Christopher is settling in.

Christopher is so amazing.


Maria Caban Ussery said...

I am Maria Caban Ussery. My sister Judy is Christophers Grandmother.
As Christopher takes his first steps into life to commence his interaction with other children and instructors I wish him well as well as pray for his safety.
I love you, Christopher.
Your Great Aunt, Mary.

Francesca said...

I can't believe how big Christopher is getting. It seems he has no problem adjusting in the school environment. He looks sooo adorable and I'm sure he is going to do great!!
Good Luck and Enjoy!

Love, your cousin,
Francesca from New York

rose said...

Hi David and Lina:
I am so happy to see that Christopher has taken that very special step toward his new role in his life. He looks to be doing well adjusting with the other kids. He looks so grown up. I wish him well and I also pray for his health and safety. I miss you guys. Looking foward to seeing you early next year.
I love you all, especially Christopher.

Your Titi Rose