Friday, October 05, 2007

Christopher's Week in Day Care

Well today is Friday October 5, 2007. Our son Christopher has survived his first week in Day Care. I have to say it started out great, but today he fought with Lina and two blocks from the Day Care his famous word finally reappeared, "NO"!!!!. Yes that infamous two letter word has finally shown it's face again, and what did Christopher say, "NO TEACHER, NO TEACHER". He clung to Lina and would not let go. She called me to tell me that he finally had that one bad morning. But hey who could blame him. I mean, he started out great, no problems at all, he lasted a whole week, and he probably figured it all out and said to himself, "wait this is for real". But as I write this he is eating his Cheerios and getting ready for another day with his little buddies. I know that God will protect him and we know that it will take a while for him to get used to it. We are thankful for the opportunity for him to interact with other kids and to continue and enhance his learning abilities.

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