Monday, September 24, 2007

Vacation Just About Over

Well my six month vacation is just about over. I finally start work again on October 13, 2007 for the local Post Office. It has been a trying six months, one with much confusion and uncertainty, but at the same time, just leaning on God for all that we desired. Being unemployed allowed me the time to spend with my son Christopher, the most exhilarating 6 months of my life. Just watching him grow and learn new things was well worth it. And I know that it seemed as if I may have been lazy and not wanting to work, but I actually was looking for work, just a bit harder down here. But all seems to be getting better and I owe that all to God. He kept me focused and allowed me the time to appreciate all that he has given us and at the same time be humble about it. Never boast or brag about what we have, just be thankful for what he has given us and if it is in his plans to answer any more of our prayers, then it is just another blessing from him.

I recently had a friend tell me that, "I make it hard to be friends with" and that "it isn't all about me". All I can say to that is that I am sorry if he feels that way, I am just a bit confused about what he said. I always feel that I try very hard to be there for my friends and family in time of need, that I never try and boast or brag about all that God has done in my life, but I share maybe to be an encouragement to others, maybe that they would look to God for their own transgressions and know that God will honor their faith in him. It bothered me a bit, those few words, because if I failed to be a good friend to him, then I failed God. I didn't do all that God has called me to do and that is Love one another. Even if I have disagreements with someone, I am called as a Christian to show love to those that are brought into my life.

Well all I can do is leave that relationship in God's hands and allow him to work it out. What I have no control over, I can not change with my own hands, God will take over and take care of it.

Well I am just so excited about finally getting things done and being able to contribute even more to the home, Lina and Christopher. Plans have been on hold because of me not working, but now we can focus and get things done. Thank You God for all that you do, for answering prayers and allowing us to go through things so that it may strengthen our faith in you.

God please bless all those that read this Blog. God please answer all of their prayers so that their faith in you will continue to grow and that their testimony may be a blessing to those they come in contact with.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you, for trying your best with everything that has come our way. I t has been a very rocky year and it could have been easy to give up. I beleive that we are a great team because where one of us lacks the other one is there to pick up.
You did a great job with Christopher the past 6 months, and now he is a "Big Boy" ready to meet new friends.

God always provides and he will never give us a burden we can't handle.
Love You

Anonymous said...

Thank You for keeping a record of our life. I love the fact that you do all this because I don't have the time.

one day Christopher will read it and be amazed.