Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Family Time ends a Great August

My mom and Step-dad came to visit us from August 10 - August 19. It was a great month of August having my family come and check us out. It has been a bit rough still getting used to the fact that we are no longer in NY and that family isn't that close any longer. But we are making the best of it and just watching Christopher grow and knowing what opportunities he will have here, just makes it feel alright.

We started the weekend in Miami visiting my sister Vanessa and her boyfriend Neal. I had never been to Miami Beach. AHHHH the water at the beach was awesome. So Clear, so warm so Blue/green, Ocean Drive was an adventure, nice place to visit wouldn't go all the time. Bayside, the seaport version of NY's South Street Seaport, was really nice and cozy. Spanish music playing and boats and people everywhere. The busyness kind of reminded me of NY.

It was an all around great weekend and great time with my family. Wish it could be that way all the time, but I know that eventually they will all be closer to us and we will then be spoiled.

Ahhhh the Beautiful Beach.

Neal, Vanessa & Christopher.

The whole family at a Ocean Drive spot.

Me & Lina showing off the tans.

Christopher and his modeling pose.

Man we are all dark.

Nana & Christopher.

Papa & Christopher.

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