Thursday, July 03, 2008

Blessings from Above Never Falter

In my last entry back in January, I shared what my life was like in 2007, one that started with much promise and ended with so much despair. But as I stated in my last Blog, God had to be put first again, I had to lean on him believing that he would come through, and all I can say is that he has come through more often that I could even imagine. We serve an unbelievable God, one that keeps you in awe of everything he does for us.

After my last entry, I kept looking for jobs, in so many different places, just hoping that one would call me and hire me. It got real bad at one point, just never thought that anyone would call. Even contemplated just going back to NY and working there and sending money home. But I knew deep in my heart that, that was not what God wanted for us and that I needed to continue to be patient, even though, there was no extra money coming in except for Lina's salary. But I can honestly say that, even with just her salary, we always were able to pay the mortgage and all of our bills, never missing a beat. I give God all the glory for that, because he kept us from losing everything, so he could continue to work on me and get me ready for what he had in store. And I have to say that I could have never imagined that my life could make another big change, and this time for the better.

I finally received a call in March of this past year from a Law Firm, looking for a legal assistant. After speaking with the office manager, I realized that I was not qualified to take that job, so that I would rather not meet with her and get turned down anyway, but if she had any other positions that I would do them, no matter what they were, I guess I was kind of desperate at this point. But God reminds us that he doesn't want us to be anxious about anything, he is in control.

After she explained to me that I was over qualified for the clerical position that she had, she agreed to meet with me anyway, because first she stated that I was honest with her and two, she stated that there was something about me that she just wanted to meet with me.

We met and after a few nervous weeks, she called to offer me a position, making copies in the mail room. She stated that she knew that I deserved a better position but that this may be a great way to get in the company and move up. After starting the job and meeting with her, I find out that she is a Christian and that she told me that there was something about me that she felt like she had to hire me. After working in the copy room for nearly 2 months, I was promoted to Civil Litigation Department Assistant and received a raise.

This happened so fast that there is no doubt in my mind that God's hands were all over this. He knew exactly what I went through in 2007, and wanted to make sure that 2008, even with a crazy economy, would be a better one for me and my family. Maybe it was my patience and faith, that he maybe wanted to reward. Whatever it was, I am just glad that he was involved in this situation and in all my situations in life. I don't know where I would be or what I would be doing if he wasn't apart of my life.

The future seems a bit brighter now, even with all of the crazy things going on with gas prices and values of homes decreasing, I know that the only way that we can deal with it is by looking up and just asking for help.

He has turned my life around and has given me hope again, even after a time, when I didn't think that it could get better, but he is always there to take care of everything and because of that he gets all of the glory and praise.

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Alberto said...

You Are Proof That God has his hands in all. Many People go about their Daily Lives not Thanking God for all the Good he Provides. Whether our lives are in Turmoil or not, We must Praise God. He wants you to turn to him no matter what good bad or indifferent, You must Praise the Lord with all your heart. Keep Knocking on his Door because he Will answer. God speaks through you and all of us, we all must realize that. In Jesus Name I praise the Lord