Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Christopher Up-Date

I have been so busy at work, that I haven’t had the time to write in my blog.

Well, just an update or two, Christopher will make 3 months on March 3rd. Wow, how fast time is flying, I actually want to stop time and make it go slow. Lina is enjoying her time at home with him, and we are both dreading when she will have to return to work in June. Well barring a miracle or even a lotto winning ticket we will have to hand him over to a baby sitter, but if you all believe in prayer, I will love a job that pays me well enough and also offers great benefits, I am willing to do just about anything but strip, and I am sure that won’t be a great sight. LOL nah just kidding, we’ll leave that issue in God’s hands, but prayers are always welcomed. I am willing to do the manly job of working and allowing my wife to stay home with the baby……………….ok everyone say “AAAAHHHHH!!!!!” LOL (just in case you don’t know what this means – LOL = Laugh Out Loud)

Christopher has found his hands, this happened almost a month ago, now he can’t get them out of his mouth, looks like he wants to swallow them, thank God they are too big, because then it won’t be funny explaining that one to ACS.

He has also realized that he can suck, so other then feeding from Lina, he is sucking his hands, his arms, Lina’s arm and leaving a big red hickey. Lina told me that thank God it wasn’t her neck, how would she explain that one to me. LOL

Just a few weeks ago, he found out that he has knees. He started grabbing them, I guess real soon, he’ll figure out that he has these two little feet that he can put in his mouth. Can’t wait for that sight.

Just the other day, I witnessed him trying to sit on his own. Well not exactly, but I grab his little hand and he uses me to try and prop his self up, his head is still a little wobbly, but he is getting there.

He has been talking a little more everyday, you know the usual goo goo gaa gaa, ahhh and then this other sound that I can’t spell, but it is like a whistle at lunch time. It is so cute, but at 6 AM, trying to smile between the yawns, are a little difficult, but well worth it.

The joy of parenthood, aaahhhh what a feeling........................!!!!!! :)

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