Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Christopher Laughs at Daddy and talks to Daddy!!

As early as 6 AM this morning, Christopher decides he wants to wake up and be fed, burped and changed. I felt sorry for Lina so I decided to take him after she fed him, even though it was nearly one hour before I usually take him. But who am I to make his schedule for him.

Well, as I was changing him, he decides that it would be funny to urinate on daddy. He did it, looked at me, waited for my reaction, and just started laughing. Mind you my son is not even two months old yet. I started to laugh with him, and then it started. I was so amazed. He started to talk, now I know what you are thinking, "yeah ok". But it was not your normal chatter, it was baby talk, goo goo and gaa gaa and ahhh and some other sounds I can't spell. It must have lasted two minutes, but it felt like ten minutes. It just melted my heart. It was like he wanted to tell me so much, and took this time to do it. I would answer him and he would stop and then continue, and then smile and laugh. I never went back to sleep. I guess he gave me all the energy I needed for today.

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